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Relationships and the Quality

of your Life will not just Improve on their Own...

People continue doing the same things and, interestingly, expect different results… Just look around and see how many relationships are falling apart even after years of being together when they should actually be closer, right? Look around and see how many people are really unhappy in their life and not achieving their full potential, and have given up on their dreams and have settled for a routine day by day existence…

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  • "Dr. Simone has an incredible ability to get to the source of many people's problems and find solutions that work very ..." Read more

    Brian C.

    - , Campbell, CA

  • "If caring is sharing, with whom better than Dr. Simone? With her warm attitude, heartfelt kindness, and creative thoughts she showed ..." Read more

    Don L.

    - Saratoga, CA

  • "Dr. Simone, I am writing to thank you for all your help. I want you to know that I do appreciate ..." Read more

    Edward D.

    - San Mateo, CA

  • "Dr. Simone, I am eternally grateful to you for the bright path you helped me to find and follow, leading to ..." Read more

    Ken A.

    - Los Altos, CA

  • "I had only 10 sessions of consultation with Dr. Simone, but those sessions changed my life completely. The sessions were very ..." Read more

    Rosa L.

    - San Francisco, CA

  • "Three years ago, when I first met Dr. Simone, I was in a terrible marriage. I felt severely depressed and was ..." Read more

    Mary S

    - San Jose, CA

  • "Being brought up in a family where I witnessed ongoing loud arguments between my parents, I had figured out that in ..." Read more

    Milad A

    - San Jose, CA

  • "When I first met Dr. Simone, I was stuck, paralyzed, going through life without letting myself feel anything.  My life had ..." Read more

    Irene R

    - San Jose, CA


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